Thursday, May 07, 2009

"My best Friend" Photo Ragdolls

I have put the jewelry making aside and am trying to catch up and complete started but neglected projects.
I finally finished the "My Best Friend" photo ragdolls i promised my grand nieces for Christmas. Hah! Each grandniece gets a doll of her "best friend" (her cousin) along with a tiny doll of Grandma Marianne. (well almost done, the mini grandma dolls still need their hair) On the back of each doll is Grandpa Frank on Dallas Cowboy fleece.

Maggie is on the right, Izzy is on the left

The backs- Grandpa Frank


Joanne Huffman said...

How cute are these!!! What a wonderful idea! You are so multidimensionally and multimedially talented!!!!!!!


Syddny said...

Especially that COWBOYS doll ... great-looking guy :) GO COWBOYS!!!

Kathy L said...

These are so clever! I bet your recipinets loved them!

jackie said...

Connie, these are ADORABLE!! I know your nieces will love them! What a clever idea to put grandpa on the back!