Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well I made it back home - AT LAST!

Job was a terrific experience - top notch crew and not a sour apple in the bunch!  It's always so great to come home, however.  LA is a busy, bustling, chaotic town and I could really never live there again.  Kauai is so quiet.  and clean.  and the air is mesmerizing.

Me and My Boys
My son Skylar flew in from New York to visit with his brother Vince and I, when I was in LA, but unfortunately their grandfather died and the two of them flew off immediately to North Carolina.  I only got to visit with Sky on the Sunday I picked him up from the airport and we all went to breakfast!
While in LA I took a copper enameling class taught by Michele Ross.  The class was just me and one other person, and it was FABULOUS!  I had tried to learn from a book with no success,.....but now it all makes sense.  We learned regular enameling, watercolor enameling, graffito, painting and grinding .
 When I got home I found out that my items at the Philadelphia Flower Show did quite well, and i was asked to make more bracelet cuffs for the Merrie Monarch Festival in Honolulu. I only found out about this on Saturday, and Kathy needed the cuffs by Wednesday.  I thought I could do it - but it was so stressful to work with such a quick deadline that Tuesday night I just had to stop and concede that I am not a MASS PRODUCTION person.  I did get 2 cuffs finished, plus 2 bangles........and I have TEN more cuffs formed and etched, but not embellished or they will be ready for the next time.  I will post pictures as I finish them... I am waiting for my jel flux to arrive so i can try Mary Hettmansperger's   method of flame patinaing the copper a deep red and bright orange. 


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Hi Connie!
I am looking forward to seeing the cuffs you create with the orange and red patinas! :) Your work is always so cool! Your boys look great and so do you. I am visiting your blog- going to read and look through a bit.... :)
Charm Day is coming up on the 28th Maybe you can show off some of your fabulous work!!!
Copper charms!!!

Joanne Huffman said...

There's no place like home! Glad you're back safe and sound; wish you had stayed in California long enough for you to be there when Fran and I are there. Very cool news about your cuffs; I am so NOT surprised they did well - they are fabulous.