Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Lovely day working in the garden picking up palm fronds...finished another cuff, as well as a requested pair of cufflinks.
eyeball cuff
I do not know how to solder.....only theoretically....but i took my book knowledge and tried anyway.  Voila!  i silver soldered the copper bezel for the eyeball, and i have to say it turned out ok., and i only had to do it twice!  the bezel sides were a little thick, but it smooshed up around the eye enough to hold it in place.  I put the bezel in a cup of used pickle and then added some steel wool to the wasn't instantaneously, but indeed, it did copperplate the silver solder.
shotgun shell brass cufflinks
These are for Sky.   He asked for some cufflinks. I didn't know anyone still wore them..... The cufflink stem part is is embedded in ice resin that was colored with aztec gold mica.    Next i am going to make him another pair out of thrift store star wars parts...

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Joanne Huffman said...

Your soldering looks perfect to me. (by the way, where do you get your eyeballs?) I think it's really cool that Sky wears cufflinks.