Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I have been finishing up all those bracelets I started last week.  I had mentioned I was waiting for jel flux to arrive so I could try and achieve the red and orange patina mary hettensperger recommended.  Well I tried it.  But I have to tell ya, I like the patina I got when I used regular old cheapo handy flux.
cuff on left has not been torched.  Cuff on right is handi-fluxed

Only problem is, you can torch jel flux (from rio grande) and there are no fumes.  handy flux you have to torch with tons of ventilation and a respirator, cuz the fumes are toxic!
I have also had good results using nothing but a good scrub on the copper with dawn blue dish soap and a green scrubby, and then a brass brushing....and no flux at all....this method though is not as consistent as the flux method.
so here's what I am working on...they were blued with a combination of ammonia fumes and solvent inks....and a bit of gel pen and sharpie marker thrown it.  then i laquered them.  they still need to have their edges polished to bring up the copper and then waxed......and then they'll be done.  yay!

9 out of 13....

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