Friday, April 20, 2007

Bragging on my babies....a bit of self indulgence...I promise I won't do this often

My boys have been calling a lot - which is the norm for Sky and a rarity for Vincent. This has got me waxing nostalgic........

Vince is my wild, creative, eccentric, moody, sensitive child, part loner, part party animal. He is an A student studying architectural engineering and will be attending Cal Poly in the fall. He took a job at home depot so he could learn more about the construction business and building supplies. Vince is really detail oriented and meticulous with a head for business. He has an incredible understanding of how things and systems and organizations work, and is amazingly capable of saving, investing and acquiring money. He is frugal and yet generous. Callous one moment and writing beautiful, moving poetry the next. He called because one of his investments had gone bankrupt and was regrouping and issuing new stock, making his stock worthless (Delta Airlines). For the first time in eons he mentioned a friend as his "girlfriend". He talks about marine friends of his being recalled back to Iraq, even though they have been out of the military for over a year..... he wonders if he will be recalled too.

Vince as a baby.................................. Vince now
Gorgeous then, gorgeous now.

Skylar is my younger, laid back, creative, outgoing, performing child. He has been performing all his life, doing voice impersonations since he could talk. He has an uncanny memory that can recite entire movies word for word. He has a beautiful singing voice and dancing agility like Gene Kelly....and he's very, very funny. Sky can also draw fine line realistic illustrations and he writes wonderful short stories. He's also a slob (like me!) and terrible, terrible with money.
On Monday, Sky will be filmed on "brother's and sister's" It's an acting part with lines and everything! He plays a paraplegic. ...In between his acting roles and his military film consulting / stunt work he has taken a job at eastern costume researching and pulling together military and police uniforms for film productions. They let him take time off for auditions and acting gigs. It's working out great for him. Today, he called all excited, because eastern costume is recommended him to work on the set of music videos on weekends.
Sky goes thru money like water, so he can use all the jobs he can get. Besides, most of the shows in LA are on filming hiatus' until July, so I am very thrilled that he took the job with the costume shop to keep some income coming in.
Sky auditioned and was accepted into classes with "the groundlings". He's really good at improv. That starts in May..... (and it's EXPENSIVE!) plus he takes acting classes and singing classes and now guitar...... and of course he has to see every movie that comes out ..... and his truck guzzles gasoline as he zips around the city. He has no steady girlfriend - he can't afford one!

Sky ages ago ............Sky's resume pic
He is soooo adorable!

OK. I just had to share! I am so proud of both of them. You think? They have grown up so fast - my gosh - they are adults!
When did this happen? Where has time flown?
....and where are my grandbabies?


Joanne Huffman said...

adprab;e in both the past and present! Connie, you should be so proud of where they are now!

Joanne Huffman said...

Make that "adorable"
Joanne, who can't type worth a bean

kathy mc said...

Connie, I loved hearing about your sons. You should be very proud of both of them. Those cute little boys grew up to be very handsome, good looking men. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

Lorri Scott said...

Handsome guys Connie! I love that you value each of their unique qualities.


Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Connie you have handsome sons and I really enjoyed getting to know more about them from your sharing :-)

Angie in AZ said...

Connie, you have two handsome sons... and gosh, in the blink of an eye, I'll be wonderinf what happened to my little boys too.... but gosh, I hope it's a while before I'm wishing for grandkids! LOL! I think I'll need a long, long break from being a care taker... and grandma's are care takers! It may take years for me to recover from being a mom of these two boys that I adore more than life! Today, Max and I were hugging and he says "I can feel your love." I want him to always be able to say that! I'll miss my boys when they grow up.