Sunday, April 22, 2007

...oh well......more on photopolymer plates

ok - really fast. i tried my photopolymer plates with the silver clay. I impressed the clay into the plates and....yuck - really ugly. I reversed the black and white the wrong way and so the clay indents out instead of in. So - I have to make new plates - at least i didn't waste any clay. ....... manana......
I'm going to do my thumbprint as a ppp first. Someone else in my metals group did a thumbprint in silver and then enameled the indents. I want to combine it with some porcelain teeth i acquired - a "positive ID" pendant! The gecko didn't get fired either - i need to have more for the kiln to fire - so he gets to wait until i have more pieces ready.
back to work!

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joanne huffman said...

Connie, I'm having trouble leaving a comment (or you're going to get several duplicates of the same comments). Anyway, I just wanted to give you my sympathy and empathy over the plates being backwards. I hate it when things like that happen and things like that keep happening.