Friday, April 13, 2007

... a warning on salt technique and hawaii....and my bird pages

I finally got my fat bird pages finished and in the mail. I had made the backgrounds on watercolor paper which i sprayed with water, painted on color and then sprinkled with sea salt. the salt made really cool concentrations of color. I put them aside to dry.
The next morning they were covered in huge puddles of water. uh oh - must have rained too much last night. So i blotted them dry, brushed off the salt, and then ironed them even dryer.
So I add my embellishments - fabric, birds, words, etc - and while the gel is drying - the cards go limp again. I guess the salt residue was still attracting the moisture from the air on the fold of the card that wasn't covered in gel. I ironed them dry again and did my best to TOTALLY seal the pages. WHAT A PAIN! ... you think i'd learn to test techniques first! HAH!
Here's how they finally turned out - these are fast photos, not scans -

water color salt background, fabric, print of bird painting with texture added.

bird tesselation for the back. I was going to sew around them, but i needed to get them mailed, so i just called them done.

Today my DH found the most adorable puppy. We are calling him "Raif". He looks to be about 12 weeks old - very clean (must have been kept indoors - otherwise he'd be filthy!) He's already partially trained - "points" when he sees a chicken - we think he's an expensive hawaiian hunting dog - just beautiful, sweet and smart.
he wandered into our yard when lance left the gate open for me to return thru when i finished my bike ride. He didn't have a collar on him. I posted a sign on the front gate that says "PUPPY FOUND". I will post a pic tomorrow - as it is night now, and i don't want to wake him.
Our dog, Chalupa, hates him --she's very jealous!


dejavucreations said...

I love that you applied what you learned at the retreat into your bird page. That will make it extra special - at least to me.


christygrant said...

The workshop does seem outstanding and the pieces made were also. Sounds heavenly. Can't wait to see the puppy and your bird pages are great!

Angie in AZ said...

Oh Connie, I love the bird page! Your work from the retreat is amazing! I KNEW you and Joanne would hit it off immediately. DJ had a wonderful time at the retreat and being at your house. You are the hostess with the mostest, from all I'm hearing! And guess what? My sister-in-law and her hubby are moving BACK to Hawaii! She will be working in Wakiki! Maybe we can make it over before you move back stateside!

joanne huffman said...

Connie, the bird pages are wonderful. You perservered through Mother Nature being a b#*ch. I am going to love having your painted bird in my house.

kathy mc said...

Connie, I love your bird pages. Well worth all the trouble. Your page is going to be a great addition to our book. The back is also very cool. You art work is always inspiring.

Karen Campbell said...

What beautiful and exotic looking pages, Connie!