Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Raif gets a new home....

isn't he a cutie?
A few days ago i posted about a young dog we had found. I took him to the vets on Monday, and discovered he didn't have a chip, but he was fixed and had been well taken care of. The determined he was probably a purebred jack russell terrier and between 9 months to a year old.
We placed ads on the radio, craig's list, and with the humane society and various pet sitter places around the island. NO CALLS! So, last night a nice family our realtor recommended came over - 2 kids ("Bear", age 10, and "Tiger Lily" age 6) - the dog, "Raif" as we called him, loved them..they had a large fenced yard and no other pets - except a caterpillar.
....and so, much to my DH's new found regret, they took him. As the family left, the 2 kids sat in the back seat of their car, joyfully singing in unison, "we got a dog, we got a dog!". Really sweet.
Today my DH is depressed and in mourning for the loss of "his" dog.
Oh well.


joanne huffman said...

How nice that he'll have children to love him and play with him! Although, I'm sure you'll miss him.

kathy mc said...

I'm glad that Raif has a new home but sad that your DH lost his new buddy. I have a Jack Russell named Hydro. I love him dearly. He's a hyper bombshell every minute he's awake.