Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I have had a lot of inquiries about the Vintage Bisque Doll parts from Thuringia Germany, that I have available thru my ETSY shop. It is too tedious to list them all...I am slowly adding them to my shop...but here is what I have available...Most of the torsos with heads have arm/leg sets available to make a complete doll. I do have multiples of the same doll. Complete dolls are around $14 - $20, depending on the size and condition. They come uncleaned, for the most part, but i will clean the whole doll for you for $1 extra. Individual parts are $.25 each for me to clean them for you. I have examples that show you an uncleaned part, and then the cleaned doll part. All parts come to you washed, but by "clean" I mean they have been soaked in water (so they don't absorb the solution) then treated with a solution and scrubbed...and then washed again, rinsed and dried. I repeat the process until they are as "clean" as I can get them. I tested many many products to find the best one that worked good enough, but did not damage the doll. Not all rust comes off - or burn marks.... but they do whiten up considerably.
OK. Below are the HEADS I have. Some have jagged edges, but I will file them smooth for you, no charge, if you indicate you'd like that done..... the price range is from $7 to $10, depending on the size and whether or not they are painted, the condition etc....lots of choices....

Next, are TORSOS. I have many many sizes and styles of torsos. The first picture shows a CLEANED torso, next to a row of dirty ones. Matched arms and legs are available for these torsos to make your own full doll. They are matched to the doll by me, and are not necessarily the arms and or legs that came originally with the torso. Full dolls are $14 - $20.....and $1 extra if you want it "cleaned".

Below are headless torsos. They are $4-$10 each....some are painted and pretty cute. I believe some of the heads at the top of the page were meant for some of these torsos, but the breaks do not match up...i tried!... Again I will round off the corners for you if you'd like.

...and then there are the frozen charlottes. All sizes teeny, small, med, and large. All of these are missing feet, legs or hands.....$7.50 to $10

This little doll (below) has a hollow on the top of her head for hair, I guess, and is still wired...she is painted. $30. Below her is a large body/torso that looks like it was knocked against another doll in the kiln and has porcelain gunk on it...$5...and on the bottom is an UNBROKEN frozen charlotte...$22

..and unbroken head with shoulders, painted...$10, and an unbroken hallow head and dress torso, $14

and then i have arms and legs. I have matched up the legs and have paired them...UNMATCHED legs are $3.50 each...I have many, many sizes. MATCHED Pairs of legs are $9....I have over 300 legs....ARMS are $2.50 each, and MATCHED ARMS are $7.

If you are interested in anything, let me know and I will send you more detailed pictures and we can work out a price. I will make an invoice thru ETSY for you! ...and I'll answer any questions you may have too!
Thanks for looking....

PLEASE leave me your EMAIL ADDRESS ...otherwise I can't thank you for visiting my blog!

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jackie said...

Wow, that was a lot of work just to sort and photograph and price! These are precious and I hope to order one of the baby heads soon, with torso, legs and arms.