Monday, October 19, 2009

...the WORST and the BEST of halloween costumes

Blog hopping, I came across a fun post on Paul Overton's blog,'s a blog for men (and women too) with ideas and projects to craft outside one's box and personal gender bias. He had the idea to post about your BEST and WORST costumes.
My son Vincent has been a ninja turtle, a mummy, a vampire, a bug man, a mexican bandit, and my favorite - a giant hot dog!...i have no pictures of those that i could find (in storage, i hope!)..but here is a pic of probably the WORST and the laziest costume i ever made...
is that pathetic or what? it's not even a well made ghost!
now for the BEST - the tombstone has to be my all time favorite. Here is a pic of my younger son, Sky, about age 4, as a tombstone. Poor baby - when he fell down he couldn't get up!...oh the torture we put our babies through! ...but he DID glow -in-the-dark....

isn't he adorable?
...and here is the adult version. I wore this to a Halloween party with the cast and crew of !Huff. See the RIP Huff 2nd season on my chest? Unfortunately the show WAS CANCELLED at the end of that season...haha!

me...and Sky (all grown up), as a SWAT team member.

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Marilyn Rock said...

The tombstone costume is incredible! WOW! The BEST! Love the pic of you and Sky, too! Great fun!

Joanne Huffman said...

Why is it that I'm not surprised you dressed a 4 year old as a tombstone.

Jake Roberts said...

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