Sunday, October 02, 2011

Eco Print Dyeing

Today my talented fiber artist friend Lorri Scott from Los Gatos came over to my house for a play date.  Lorri makes gorgeous dyed ribbons, scarves and clothing and lately she has been experimenting with eco friendly dyes. Lorri wanted to test various flowers, leaves, greenery and bark that are native to Kauai, and see what colors they might produce (or not!) on silk, linen and cotton - and i got to be her accomplice!
We tested hibiscus, eucalyptus (2 kinds), African tulip, guava leaves, black eyed susans, plumeria, bougainvillea, ferns...and get the picture.....  and also rusty well as copper.
 It was a blast!  Very exciting - i had so wanted to learn this!
We started the day with a long walk where we "gathered and gabbed" all around the acres called Common Ground and their garden ........and later we returned to Common Ground Restaurant for a scrumptious organic veggie lunch.  Here are a few photos of Lorri at work.   Next week Lorri returns, and I will post pics of the finished  items..

a larger piece...wrapping....
rust eco dye
I, of course, did some dying and experimenting too!  Right now I have a linen dress Lorri found at the thrift store, sitting in a vat of soda ash (from my fire pit) that I will eco print tomorrow.  The soda ash serves as the mordant.
Lorri also left me all the ingredients to experiment and play with more of the eco dyeing process.
Fun! Fun! Fun!
 I can't believe I didn't take any pics of our walk or lunch or us together - with faces...well next time!


kathy mc said...

I'm so jealous. wish I was there! Have fun and enjoy your time together.

Joanne Huffman said...

I know you had a fabulous time! I want to see photos of all the results. I'm with you both in spirit and wish I could be with you in person.

iNd!@nA said...

how extremely clever!