Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MORE Incredible Halloween Art - Large Matchbox Swap

Recently I participated in a Matchbox Halloween Swap.....everyone was assigned a partner and you exchanged decorated and filled large matchboxes, one-on-one.
My partner was the extraordinary Kathy McElroy.
This is inside the box- all of the goodies were covered in autumn leaves...
Opening the box...
...deeper into the box...
leaves removed!
carved poppy

skelly ornament
..and I'm not done yet...there's more!
Haunted Halloween Spoon
...spoon hanging close-up
...and this is the matchbox!
the other outside 
the fabulous shadowbox created inside, and other goodies
a little closer
All my loot!
Thank you Kathy! usual, you are way too generous - 


kathy mc said...

Oh Connie, what a great post. You make it all sound so wonderful. Your pictures are perfect. Thank you so much for showing it all off in such a cool way. I'm happy you were pleased with your Halloween loot. Enjoy!

Joanne Huffman said...

Yoou certainly got a lot of Halloween treats in Kathy's beautiful box.

Cat said...

What a wonderful box! I love that the goodies were buried in the leaves, very clever. And oh, those goodies, just amazing!!!!

jackie said...

Wow!! Doesn't Kathy just ROCK at presenting fantastic gifts!! I LOVE everything in your big box! She always goes the extra mile with additional goodies and creations!! What a wonderful package!!