Monday, October 17, 2011


Today i received a medium flat rate box in the mail...from my sister Gigi.  For no reason....just BECAUSE!
I racked my brain, trying to remember if she'd told me about something she was sending.  HMMMM....maybe some of that fabulous jam St. Mark had made?
Imagine the grin that came over my face when i opened the box and found this:
...which is probably what she found first and KNEW she needed to send to ME.  We grew up on these cookies.  They were a special treat...only I remember them being much BIGGER and they had slivered almonds on the bottom.....
but what to send to cushion the cookies?......  why cool halloween goodies, that's what!

I love Halloween....and Gigi sent me 2 ice cube trays of  bones and fingers....big and little SPIDERS  (I collect spiders- I have them everywhere and needed some new tenants)  and
skelly dolls!
...blonde barbie type
a brunette dude
Two (yes TWO) creepy skelly dolls!
AM I LUCKY, or what?
Thank you , Gina Lopita Gustoff (her other name)

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Joanne Huffman said...

Definitely Halloween treats!