Monday, June 18, 2007

New Art! New Job (maybe)

I have been pretty busy since Hana left, moping a lot, being morose about my mama and looking for a job.

Yep, it's that time of year. I always get very crazy and hate having to negotiate or say no to an employer or say yes, and then something better comes along. I've had several offers already, but nothing that has met my needs. Today i got a very promising and exciting possibility - so keep your fingers crossed for me - I'd really like to get this one!

I finally finished my Round 2 Diva Charms. Hallelujah! Here they are:

They are made from tiny wooden spools, swarovski crystals, mini dice and fine silver wire.

And I finally finished my first painting (since I was 10!). I had painted the bird and heliconia images and used that image in some mini charms, cards, etc, but had never finished it as a total painting. It has fabric and stitching on it, too. So here it is - it's 16 x 20. It incorporates many (ok - ALL!) of the techniques DJ taught me.

And this is my entry in the June "beach " Challenge lotto:

it's the 2nd in my "Morose Sisters" series. Sort of how I feel.
What else - I'm still working on my "tooth and nails" necklace. I decided to patina the silver and brass tooth components.
Really really ugly. So I am remaking them all. I used up all my silver, though, on my Diva Charms, so I ordered some more - Lord knows when it will arrive!
And I've started 2 more paintings.
And here's something silly - I love to take pictures of mouths and eyes and noses and other body parts. Hana is so expressive - what a cutie pie!


2/22/22 (how magical!) - 6/09/06

Mama's favorite picture of herself.

Oh mama mama mama

where are you? Why aren't you concrete? When I was a little girl and felt lost or lonely,

I could crawl up on your lap, in desperation , so needy

and you were there, you were always there - reliable. dependable. accepting.

life was secure. .. content...and snug. the world was so much smaller ... and i fit in.

But you are gone. GONE! You are really, truly ....gone.

and still -

each night i wish i hope i pray that i will catch a glimpse, a moment , a tiny nano-tingle of your presence.

That I will see you, smell you, feel you, sense you in my dreams ... so real, so soothing.

once again you will calm me, comfort me and fill me with that love, that bliss, that only a mama can give.

i wake with such peace, such joy in my soul ... i beam! i soar! i radiate! I am silly giddy breathless.

the world is A-OK all right again.

reality sucks boulders.

Me and my Mom.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More pics with Hana.....

Sleeping Beauty
For the last two days, Hana has been all mine. We have played a lot of red light/green light (pink light, blue light, etc), hide 'n seek, fairies, as well as hikes, and more trips to the beach. We have chased the chickens and trawled the bookstore. Plus plenty of of hot chocolate with whipped cream. After play each day, Hana has been ready for what she calls "art party", where we stay up late and "do art". We made lots of jewelry and drawings. Remembering the terrific project Angie made with Max, we made this terrific stuffed doll.
This is a drawing Hana made that I transferred to fabric and made into a doll for her. Didn't it turn out wonderful?...and it was fast - took about half an hour - she drew it, I copied it to transfer paper, ironed it onto a piece of old white sheet and then we stuffed it. I sewed the stuff hole shut and sewed on the whiskers and the tail detail. VOILA! instant stuffed cat doll!

Grandpa let Hana drive the tractor

Washing the car - yeah, right!

Kisses with Chalupa
Tomorrow Hana and her mom and dad go home. I will miss her!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Hana Comes To Visit!

This week my grandbaby Hana came to visit with her mom and dad. Hana is 5. We have been going to the beach, visiting Guava Kai, and dancing in our back field! It is amazing to let oneself go and get into a 5 year old frame of mind. The imagination and energy is boundless - it certainly has shown me how out of shape i am!

Kealia Beach at 7 am

Hana in the Ocean

Hana builds a fire for Chalupa the dog. (those are african tulip blossoms for the flames)

Creek at Guava Kai

We decided this was a fairy log...

a cool grove of trees i can photoshop later!

an extremely noisy rooster who likes to crow at 1 am!

Grandpa teaches Hana gun safety