Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Just for a week-but it is a delight to escape the hot humid weather of Florida and the drudge of work!  Flight home was a pain- 14hrs!  ..but i am recovered now.
DH has indulged me with great meals and adventures.  Yesterday after Lance had washed and detailed his bike,we went on a motorcycle ride up and down our roads/highway.  Everyone was really friendly,  horns honked at us, waved.  Lance was so proud of his beautiful pristine motorcycle! I had my arms around Lance  most of the time..., occasionally I would hold onto the back pegs to wave back.  Keep in mind I wear a huge helmet and I can't see down past my chin..  When we got home and I got off the bike to open the gate......
...and i realized my entire LEFT BREAST was out of my top......sheesh.
you can't take me anywhere.

this and that.....

This is the view from my 12th story condo front window.  The building is on the ocean,but my condo faces the city and overlooks the "intercoastal".  It is really beautiful.  Southern Florida is so alive with color and culture....the summer weather sucks, but the state is beautiful. 

This is a pic of the finished charm for Fran, which i finished in Florida.

...and some pics of the skull rosary i am working on.  The Hail Mary's are ceramic skull beads from Peru and tiny pearl rondells.  All of the other components are hand sculpted/molded and assembled from bronze clay. I LOVE the bronze clay...and can't wait to try the copper and the white bronze.(but this will have to wait until September when I am back full time!)

This is the front of the cross.  The hands will hold a quartz crystal.  It will also have several garnet "blood" drops hanging from it.
This is the back of then cross.
This is the front of the center piece. The back is a spider web and spider.

I couldn't decide whether to make the "our father's" with pearls capped on 2 sides with skeleton hands, or to use a cobra spine bone with one long skeleton arm/hand wrapped around it, or lastly use smaller skeleton birds.   I may just use skeleton birds sitting on cobra spine nests.
what do you think?