Monday, May 30, 2011

Finished projects, at last....

gargoyle miniature- about 1 1/2 inches (he's on a stand ...and he's pewter (silver colored) not gold...must be the light i used.
...This is a set of 12 chinese zodiac marbles that I just finished.......
chinese dragon
snake - it has 2 heads, one on the top and one on the bottom..
and then i just finished.....
these 3 all have similar features- but are different - rat, goat and ox
i seem to be missing the rooster........

tiny skull beads
                          crow bead - made this without feet too, and patinaed the recesses black.....

hand beads...i also made even TINIER hand beads, about 1/2 this size....

foot beads
bottom of foot beads
front of troll
back of troll
tiny charms (i din't make these...but i have a bunch of 'em)

large skull bead
heart back...
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heart bezel? (another one i didn't make)
wedding charm back (another i didn't make)
tiny bird bead
angel miniature
fat cat
haven't added anything to the shop yet, but if anything interests you, let me know .....
tomorrow is mow day... after i go to the dump and the post office, that is.  If i have time i will post pics of DOVE EARRINGS  (suggested and made for the fabulous JANE) as well as the progress I have made on my LEATHER PURSE. So far, so good.  I did have a problem with $99 sewing machine.  haha!  so Lance bought me an antique singer red-eye (1909!) which is supposed to sew thru the leather like butter.  It has been given an electric motor, but Lance is converting it to a hand-crank.... Stay Tuned!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

News Around The Shop.....

making my own molds...i attach sprues of apoxie clay.  I am using smooth-on  omoo 25.

I cast the silicone in paper cups and some plastic hallow blocks.  i slice the mold partially to remove the molded object .  when i cast, i close the mold up with rubber bands.
these are beads- hands and feet are about 5/8 inch
a tiny horse charm who stands on hs own...this one i did not make....he came on a stand that said  "manowar" that i cut off....
a cool crow that i molded and cast,,,,,he has a hole thru his neck to make him a bead.....i'm going to patina him with black in the recesses and then shine the rest of him up!
i am doing a series of 12 chinese zodiac "marbles" for a custom order....i had molds for all except the monkey, so i made my own.  This is how he turned out.  he has a cute tail on the back.  i also remolded the rooster because the detail on the original mold was so unclear.  tomorrow i will cast the rooster and then the series will be done, AT LAST!    then i will clean up all my pewter stuff  (i have molds, sandpaper, pewter scraps, dremel bits etc etc all over the shop!)
Once the shop is cleaned up i will get my sewing machine out and start putting together 2 different leather purses i have designed.......i bought some beautiful hides from Tandy leather that were on i am excited to get going. ...i LOVE trying a new creative outlet.