Monday, February 13, 2012

Foldformed Copper Cuffs

I have been working feverishly on a series of copper and leather cuffs for the the upcoming Philadelphia Flower Show.  The theme this year is Hawaii, and they have asked select Hawaiian artists to participate in the Hawaiian Village.  Art gallery owner Kathy from Alley Kat Art was one of those artists who will be representing Hawaii, and she is taking art from her Gallery.
The cuffs are embellished with bronze flowers, patinaed brass stampings and flower or sea themed etching.  Here are 4  I have finished.
copper etched foldformed cuff with bronze hibiscus
brass bee on a brass etched cuff.  The liver of sulfur patinaed this sort of blue/black/purple, and  it turned out glossy....
another's actually much darker, more like the photo above....
bronze posey on a copper foldformed and etched cuff
...another view
Brass free form cuff with mermaid head in the center.  The patina is an iridescent blue/purple

Both sides of the cuff have the etched double mermaid tail 

I haven't assembled the leather ones yet, and time is running out.  I accepted a job in LA and will probably be leaving this weekend or early next week....the copper etching/foldforming as well as the embellishments are all finished, but the assembly is not.  .... after that they still need to be lacquered and waxed ......EEEEK!
So- I need to finish up the cuffs, clean the shop and pack everything away for while I'm gone,  and get my DH well stocked with supplies for while i am gone.
Tomorrow i need to take Sookie into town to get her shots, and then come home to finish the laundry and MOW!
good thing I work best under pressure.......