Monday, July 26, 2010


I have been home for a few days now- an emergency health issue with my DH...He is fine- had to have an angioplasty in Honolulu for an artery obstruction...The weather is a pleasant break from the humidity in Florida....Lots to get done - 

...side 2 acres all mowed...
frond pick up front
..and back!
back acreage still unmowed....


Outdoor laundry room unwanted guest I felt no guilt expelling...yuck!  he ran in as I opened the door and disappeared....I sprayed and left.  When I came back he was upside down by the door wiggling his legs.  Gross.  Big, too, about 2 1/2 inches!
playing with the pups,
opening an abundance of cool packages that arrived (another post!)
4 of Pentacles.Tarot
as well as doing a smidgeon of art in the shop.....

I go back to Florida on Tuesday night......

Sunday, July 04, 2010

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Well it has been a long time since I last posted!  The show is going well, it airs NEXT SUNDAY...July 11th, at 10pm on A&E.  It is called "THE GLADES".
South Florida is beautiful and very exciting.  Their is an amazing cultural diversity here, and although I am sure there are gangs, etc, the blending and acceptance of differences is inspiring.  There is SO MUCH to see and do...when i have any free time, that is...
The weather here, however, SUCKS BOULDERS!   It is hot hot hot, and even worse - HUMID- gross humid.  When we work outside you can count on sweat literally running off your face..and down your butt you poured hot slimy water over your head.....pointless to even THINK about wearing make-up...and your hair gets all frizzy ........and you have to drink A LOT of water to stay hydrated....your clothes stick to you, and then we blow wind and debris for the scenes and you get that stuck all over you too.  You go home totally grungy and disgusting.
Now I can see why people like to vacation here for THE WINTER.
The ocean water is NOT's too hot!
...but there are wonderful corals and shells and rocks to collect on the beach.
...and weird snail shells.....and everywhere are all kinds of lizards...even giant 2 foot ones. We even worked at a park that had wild MONKEYS in the trees!
Here are a few pics from the filming the other night.  We were blowing up a house...actually we dressed the windows and door to look blown up, and then we just made a big fireball and blew debris out the window.  It was way cool.
My Key 2nd Assistant took this video.  Here are some pics I took.
we used a lot of smoke and it was way ethereal......

Today we were going to have a beach party/barbeque - but it has been rainy.thunderstorms all day.  Not the typical sporadic rain then sunshine - nope, overcast and hard rain!  So the party's been moved indoors...but I am content to stay cozy in my condo and catch up on my emails and blogging...and perhaps some photoshop art......a glass of  wine, candles, music and a bath...aaaaah.
Hopefully it will clear up enough for fireworks on the beach...