Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Glass eyeballs

These are the eyeballs right out of the kiln. The "orange" glass was actually a lovely orange and yellow striated glass....and the yellow was a bright solid yellow. I'm pretty new to all of this. i guess the heat necessary for a full fuse is too hot for this glass because all of the yellow edges are a bit browned - and the orange/yellow turned solid dark orange. oh well.
To the left of the eyeballs are crescents of dichroic glass. The don't show up in the photo dichroic, but they are. they will go on either side of the "white' part of the eyes. the copper goes over the white of the eye, with some white still visible and the black pupil showing through. Then it is all capped with an oversized piece of clear glass. I really should have added the dichroic on the first fuse so that the clear cap would drape evenly and i would have less chance of bubbles, but i didn't, so now when i fuse all the remaining pieces together there will be an air gap caused by the thick dichroic layer and it will probably bubble. We'll see! i will fuse tomorrow.
These are the clear caps, rough cut and numbered to follow the shape of each different eyeball. I need to grind them roundish and smooth.
We finished our mowing! We got all of it done except for the swale (the mini rivlet, full of water) and about 1/4 acre above the swale on the back 2 acres. We had to mow twice! I used the small mower to bring it down to 6" and my DH used the big mower to take it down to about 3". I had some heliconia leaves to pick up too, but when I was all done and came in for my shower, my DH had prepared a lovely dinner of rack of lamb with roasted potatoes and green beans.....very, very yummy!


Joanne Huffman said...

I think the eyeballs are intriguing and it's possible that the bubbles will work out OK. I look forward to seeing the finished product.


daydreamstudios said...

I don't know. I really like the black edges around them. Call it "eyeyliner". :-)

kathy mc said...

I've enjoyed my visit to your yummy blog. Lots of greats stories and "EYE" candy. You have been very busy with your glass creations. They are all very cool.

artsyfran said...

These are awesome! I like the darkened edges and slight changes in color. I look forward to seeing what the finished project looks like!