Wednesday, January 02, 2008

MY WORD for 2008

Tim Holtz has an interesting topic with a link to his friend Ali Edwards site. Every year she selects a word (you can use her list, or make up your own). This word is an expression of something you want to focus on for the next year - bringing into your life as much as possible.
At first i had no idea what word i wanted....and then one just popped into my mind! Completion.
That's my word for 2008. I am a terrible procrastinator. This year I want to finish things. Things I create, ideas I have, commitments I've made. I want to see things through and push my limits.....shoot for the stars and if i fall a thousand feet and get a bit smushed in the process, well...oh well. least I went ALL THE WAY. I SAW IT THROUGH!
I cannot begin to tell you how many exercise programs I've been on, how many cleansing diets I started, how many vitamins I've bought that just sit on the shelf, seeds that never got planted, kits that never got put together, submissions I never sent in, tools I've never learned to use, recipes i never bothered to make, phone calls I never made, or letters I never wrote, etc. etc. I collect stuff, buy all the supplies, write down ideas, draw up plans, lie in bed at night and dream up incredible stuff to make or detailed plans of worthy things to do....and then it just doesn't happen. Or it gets started and then buried under an avalanche of other "began and forgotten" stuff. I just never quite get around to completing IT . (whatever IT is.) There is no closure, no satisfaction of a job well done, no thrill in the afterglow of attempted brilliance.
I mean, hey, "you can't kiss the boys at the Sunday Schoool picnic if you don't go".
( Sky HATES me to use that quote). But it's true!
....Now if I can ... just somehow, someway ... for a goal for 2008..... complete....... "completion".
i'll start tomorrow. maybe.


Joanne Huffman said...

It's a great word and much better than a bunch of resolutions. I like the idea of a theme word for the year. I may have to start thinking of one for myself.


Lorri Scott said...

My word seems to be "evolve"