Thursday, January 10, 2008

Progress with the Eyeballs

Here are the eyeballs with the copper inclusions and dichroic crescents glued on with Klyrfire.
..and here they are in the kiln with clear toppers all ready to be fired.

I fired them at 1490 on a slow ramp (1000 degrees per hour) with a hold of 15 minutes. when done i quick cooled to 1150. At that time I was able to see how they were. 2 had fused together (bad, bad, bad) and all seemed to have 2 bubbles, one on each side. This was caused by the dichroic glass creating an air gap between the bottom layer and the clear cap. i knew I should do it in 3 firings, saving the clear cap for when the bottom layer and the dichroic layer had been melted into one solid layer. But I got lazy and for some silly reason was thinking about the cost of electricity...which really isn't much! So dumb.... Well, this is how you learn. They are annealing now and won't be cool until tomorrow, so I don't know if they are acceptable or not. Obviously the 2 that are fused together have to be cut apart and then refired to smooth the edges. I hope 10 are good because I need 10 for a swap I am in......


Joanne Huffman said...

The Eyes have it!!! These are incredibly cool. If the bubbles worry you, just think of them as cataracts. You are so clever with glass...and pmc...and painting...and...


Darya said...

These are SO cool, Connie! Love 'em!

funkyluke said...

i love them.. what kinda swap are you doing with them

inventivesoul said...

So cool!!!!
The clear just slumps without the lower part flattening?

I have not yet fused.

You are so talented.