Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Yummy Blogs and Gratitude

I've added a new section to my blog, it called "Yummy Blogs". It's going to be great food blogs I find and like. You can find it in the far right column.

Also, fellow Diva Kari McKnight is doing a journal on Gratitude for the month of January. Check out her blog to read all about it and to view her beautiful journal. (just click on her highlighted name) I love this idea. I have been sooooo blessed in my life and I have so much to be grateful for, not just big things like my sons and my husband, but little things, too. I'm a little slow to start, so i thought I'd start today and do it daily until Feb 8th. Then I may extend it, but I won't commit to that yet....
Today i am grateful for ... sunshine!
Yes, it has stopped raining...after 5 weeks! A new storm is scheduled to come in tomorrow, but yesterday and today (so far) NO RAIN! My DH and I are going to mow our lawns. We have 5 acres and MOST of it is lawn - it hasn't been mowed in 5 weeks, so it will probably require a couple of passes. Some parts we will leave unmowed because they are still a swamp. It will take at least 7 days of no rain to be really dry, but hopefully today we will be able to get most of the work and the clean up done. Our yard has a natural drainage area in the back that makes a small river through the back of the yard. That's the part that is still deep - it had toad tadpoles in it!
Yeah! Mold and mildew will DIE in the sunshine!

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Joanne Huffman said...

I enjoyed the food blogs, but now I'm hungry (it's the merangue cupcakes that did me in).

I hope you have many days of sun. We're soggy in Michigan, too (it temporarily killed my phone line).