Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gratitude Day 8

My last post was actually for Monday, but I did not have computer access. Here's one for today.
I am grateful for my brain.
I am excellent at making decisions and seeing the whole picture. I intuitively assess a situation and how a decision one way or the other will ultimately effect an outcome way down the road. I have a great sense of priorities and timeliness. At work I am incredibly organized and I can multitask very effectively. As a matter of fact the more complexities I am dealing with at once, the more fun I am having. It is important to me to plan to great detail, yet I am flexible enough that even without any notice, I can scrap that plan and wing it. I am calm, quick and inventive in emergencies. I may fall apart later, but during a crisis I come through and make decisions that must be made, because they must be made, now! I love fitting in all the little pieces of the puzzle to make the best whole. Because I see all sides, I am also very , um, ...just. which can get me into trouble when one of my big bosses wants me to do something that I consider...unjust. I'm a big advocate of fair and honest and loyal, too. When I was a kid I was always told I was way too "gullible"....but that's another story.
I always did well in school and was blessed to be one of those people who did not have to struggle - for the most part I just always got it. (OK, in college I just couldn't get the basics of genetics, i got an A in the lab, and the only D I ever got in school, for the class. I just could not get THAT!) I could always (and still can) cram the night before, and retain the info. I test well, guess well, and write convincing essays on subjects I may know nothing about.
Now at home, I am a mess. I am disorganized and getting anything done (especially art) takes me forever. I am quite the opposite of my work ethic. I don't do it on purpose. when there is no pressure,...there is no pressure...i just do not create that "work" atmosphere at home. I stand down, I do not need to be in charge anymore. I forget things, where I put them what I'm doing. I lose total track of time. My DH says I am a bit ....ditzy. He likes my silly side. At night sometimes I have a hard time shutting my brain down - i waste(?) a lot of time thinking, thinking thinking.
I am very thankful for my brain...it has been a very good brain to me..... tirelessly it works on, despite it's derelict and neglectful owner...

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Joanne Huffman said...

Don't underestimate how much your intelligence and unique perspective contribute to your art! Your brain also makes you an interesting and fun artist. And, your quick intelligence makes you a good friend.,