Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gratitude day 2

Today I am grateful for my health. Not just because i am in general pretty healthy and don't get sick very often (KNOCK ON WOOD!) but also because being in good health gives me incredible freedom. I can drive without glasses. I can lift things and kneel and bend. I don't have knee problems or elbow problems or shoulder problems. (well, once in a while...) My back is fairly strong, and when I trip off a curb or do something stupid to pull it off center I can usually crack it and realign it myself. I can exercise in any way I want. (I like long bike rides.) I don't get depressed too often. I can stay up way too late, and although my recovery is longer (more sleep!) than when I was younger, i don't get physically ill from it. My stomach can tolerate the worst of foods. (except greasy - but i don't get sick from it - it just immediately leaves my body, if you get my drift). I have been very very fortunate, healthwise. I am especially grateful that my hands still work well. I have carpel tunnel, but even that isn't a big deal (as long as i don't over use the sickle). I am so so so grateful that i do not have arthritis. i can not imagine not being able to use my hands! ......OH, i have my little aches and pains of getting old (and hot flashes- and everything that goes with that)) - but overall I am strong and flexible , physically and mentally.
Being healthy is truly a gift from heaven.
I am one lucky lucky gal!


artsyfran said...

This is a great thing to be thankful for! So many people take their health for granted. It's good to know you don't! xo, Fran

Joanne Huffman said...

Any day in which you feel good is a good day!