Monday, June 08, 2009


garnet and sterling silver earrings for a wedding...I made 7 pairs! amethyst and gold pendant (she has matching earrings) for the bride's mother...
Garden Bunny Earrings
gorgeous orange aventurine, carnelian, copper leaves and a bone bunny. Earwires are copper.

. aventurine calla lilies, with fine silver and glass beads.
Round bead is jade, Earwires are sterling silver.

...a simple pendant ..."Hands of Honey"
the rusty bezel is a trade from Amber Dawn. It is filled with a wooden hand, balled copper and resin. The copper bee is vintage (look at the detailed photo below) and the drop is a carnelian.
...i love the detail on the wings!
Hands of Honey Pendant, Garden Bunny Earrings and Green Calla Lily Earrings are all available on myEtsy, as well as 2 different Vintage German Bisque Dolls (in parts!)


3rdEyeMuse said...

you have been busy! that's one lucky wedding party and mother of the bride. :)

my favorite is the "Hands of Honey" pendant, though ... everything fits together beautifully.

Fran said...

These are so beautiful - each an every one. You've definitely been busy.


inventivesoul said...

***OOOH!*** I am enjoying the eye candy!
The bunnies are SO NICE!
You said you didn't do CUTE- EVER!!! LOL
Do you have more of those bunny beads to trade?
I am a bunny rabbit in my heart!
You are really creative with the rusty bezels!
I just got a batch of doming resin to try with the smaller bezels... Fun experimentation will begin soon!

kathy mc said...

Wow, these are gorgeous. You have been a very busy worker bee.

jackie said...

Amazing!! I love each piece, especially the calla lilies! You have really been working hard - way to go!

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

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Joanne Huffman said...

The wedding pieces are incredible; the bunny earrings are charming, the calla lily earrings are elegant; the pendant is "sweet"'s ALL good. You are such a great jewelry designer.


Dale said...

wow, those resined bezel earings look fantastic! Beautiful, beautiful work. I'm soon doing a trade myself.. i'll have to ask for some bezels maybe! They look great in your earings.