Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pic of the Day...and more!

Well here is a willy-nilly whenever i see it Pic of the Day. I just can't do it EVERY day. I tried....but I just didn't have the motivation to make it happen.....but here is something i spotted and thought I'd show you.
This is a Hawaiian garden snail. I'm sure they are not native...we don't have the regular brown garden variety in my yard...only this type and a much smaller long coned one.
This guy is about 3 inches!...and it's not even a big one!
...and then, a few new pieces for the shop..... a Bone Owl Necklace. The carved bone owl is sitting on a preserved chicken bone with a rusty moon rising from behind. The chain is handmade from pounded rebar wire....turquoise emperor stone, turquoise beads and cobra spines for accent.

...and a simple pair of red lampwork heart earrings accented with swarovski crystals on fine silver. The earwires are sterling silver.

...and check out this news link.....
"Kauai unfazed by missile threat"
..since were the most likely target....Polihale by the way is the beach where lance and i went camping ages ago...and encountered THOUSANDS of paper roaches that we thought were flying moths.......yuck-o!


Marilyn Rock said...

The snail is incredible; great shot you got of him! WOW! I love your bone owl necklace - such detail - I love owls! Your earrings are beautiful! Best to you! Marilyn

3rdEyeMuse said...

that's definitely a photo worth sharing. :)

LOVE the bone owl!

Joanne Huffman said...

The snail photo is a good one' the idea of paper roaches makes me shiver. Your earrings and pendant are absolutely wonderful. You really do make great jewelry.


Lorri Scott said...

Geez, I got behind on your blog. You've been creating wonderful and interesting art pieces!


jackie said...

Wow! Your owl necklace is superb!! Chicken bones and cobra spines, oh my! I love the interesting finds you incorporate into your wonderful jewelry! And the heart earrings are to die for!! (But still my VERY faves are my Pink Calla Lily earrings!!! Thank you again!!)
Love the snail shot - never knew they had such fancy housing!!

jgr said...

WOW! Even the snails are gorgeous in Hawaii, what a great pic!