Sunday, June 14, 2009


Our boat is on its way! It is being trucked from Indiana to San Diego and then will be put on a barge for an ocean crossing to our island! It should be here by the 29th or so........
The boat is a Zodiac Pro Open 650 RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) - which is a civilian derivative of a Navy Seal ocean boat. It is 4 years old and came with everything imaginable - including GPS, life jackets, fish finders, rod holders, etc etc. keep in mind I am a TERRIBLE sailor.
I guess i will learn.... Dramamine will be my best friend.... I will not FEAR deep water.

...and a new pair of earrings: Tears of Joy Earrings...using one of Amber Dawn's rusty bezels, pewter eye, resin, copper and a carnelian tear. Check out the full description in my Etsy shop!


Marilyn Rock said...

A new boat and beautiful earrings! Life is good! Enjoy!

Joanne Huffman said... Lance going to ride his motor cycle down to the dock to take the boat out? The earrings are very cool.


Marionette said...

How interesting! My hubby and I are looking for a used aluminum row boat to use for some fishing in a bay near our little grass shack! Your boat looks awesome! I just recently started fishing again and am loving it! Hope you have loads of fun on your new boat!!! Plus, your earrings are fab-U-lous!!!!

Aloha from Kauai (the other side of the island,

inventivesoul said...

That is one cool looking boat!!!

I love what you have made with the rusty stuff!
I will be collecting more this month now that it is warmer out!
If you want to trade, let me know!