Thursday, June 25, 2009


We finally finished cutting down 40 areca palms today. We had been waiting for some baby birds that were nesting in the trees to finally grow up and fly away!The trees drop nuts and huge fronds and were approaching 30 feet tall and were very messy and driving us crazy! Besides, we needed to clean up the whole area, replace the tarps and finish an enclosure for the new boat that's coming. The boat won't be here until next Monday - it was delayed leaving the port in San Diego because of an impending hurricane off the coast of Mexico - but it is on its way now!
So, this is the before picture: (That's my workshop on the right)

well sort of before - we'd already taken down 20 trees!

We attached a strap to the winch on the jeep and wrapped it around each tree trunk, and we pulled them down! Then lance cut them up with his chainsaw. It was my job to haul them away!
Here's the after picture: (....kind of naked looking...)

Now don't worry- it will actually all grow back in and be ready to be cut down again in no time! Things grow FAST around here!
...and here are close-ups of treasures we found while we were working. Lance said that we had cut down a fairies hideaway paradise, and that they were probably very angry with us for destroying their unique habitat. Such a cute, but unLance thing for him to say!...but he was right - the thick intertwining roots from the trees and all the nooks and crannies and debris really do look like a fairy wonderland!

POOR FAIRIES! they'll have to rebuild...


Marilyn Rock said...

Connie; terrific pictures here. I see all wonderful uses for photoshop backgrounds :) Trees offer us so much, not only when they are fully grown, but there's something beautiful about them even when we have to trim them or take them down. Thanks for sharing! Have good weekend.

Joanne Huffman said...

I particularly love the tree root photos. Lance is right about the fairies, but I suspect they've already found another place on your property - don't you have a banyon tree with a great root system? They're probably there already.