Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I was so very blessed to have participated in a Channukah swap with 7 other friends. Lucky me was the 1st Day of Chanukah. I already posted previously about my trials and tribulations to complete this swap, so this is what i finally came up with and gave to my friends - whew! I don't want to be first again- no time to fudge and be late!
1st Day:
A fine silver hand with a vintage sterling finding on a sterling chain.
Unfortunately, one did not turn, I gave my dear friend Joanne this:
a bronze clay eye with a rose quartz tear on a necklace of turquoise and white coral .

On the 2nd Day Of Chanukah, Kara gave to me:

A handmade and handbound one year diary with tons of details and a beautiful quilted fabric cover.
Isn't it gorgeous!
On the 3rd Day of Chanukah, Andi gave to me:
A lovely paperbag book highly decorated with beautiful art and full of pockets loaded with ephemera and surprises..... what a treasure!
On the 4th day of Chanukah, Judy gave to me:
A stunning necklace with TWO interchangeable pendants - simply beautiful!
On the 5th Day of Chanukah, Joanne gave to me:
...a fabulous resin heart bezel filled with "merriment" and just the right amount of bling, made into a chic necklace!
On the 6th Day of Chanukah Sandee gave to me:
an awesome tassel doll with a handpainted clay face and beaded limbs. I've hung her in front of my shop window where she dances and sways in the breeze....
On the 7th Day of Channukah Fran gave to me:
an incredible embroidered and embellished fabric cuff.
Really Cool!
...and on the 8th day of Channukah, Amber gave to me

A mirrored star ornament with tiny crocheted flowers, and a CHARMING pendant made from a vintage german doll arm capped with a vintage finding. Exquisite!
It was a great swap with wonderful and talented friends and I am thrilled with all of the wonderful presents i received....I can't wait to participate again next year!


jackie said...

WOWSER!! First of all, your silver hand is astonishingly beautiful!! I cannot imagine how much work went into that!! I also love Joanne's lovely pendant! And each gift you received is wonderfully imaginative and wonderful! What a fun swap!!

Joanne Huffman said...

It really is one of my all time favorite swaps! I hope you're having a Christmas filled with joys and delights.

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Connie! WOW! Stunning silver hand! I keep going back to look at it! Incredible. Beautiful swap gifts here - all of them! From the jewelry to the paperbag book - I'm going to go take another look!

Thanks for sharing all of this with us! Love it!

I look forward to sharing, more with you, in the coming new year!

Best - Marilyn