Thursday, May 24, 2007

Check out Angie's interview......

Today was mow day. We have had almost no rain for the last week, so there were literally hundreds of palm fronds down. It is my job to pick them up...then we mow. I do all the edges and the narrow spots the big mower can't get, and my DH mows all the big acreage. It takes him 1- 1/2 hrs to do his mowing, and about an hour to CLEAN the mower...he is very anal.
I also use my mower as a blower to blow the pine needles back under the trees (i should have had a dust mask on!) There were so many needles that the blower blew them into 2 foot piles which looked awful. i had to rake them up and dump was hot, humid and dirty work. Then Lance made me a tall cool drink - and that did me in for the day.
i have company coming next week and i must clean i must clean i must clean.......
Today Lance had his motorcycle delivered. It looks like a beautiful red BUG. It is pretty!
Check out this cool interview with my friend Angie. Angie is an incredible mixed media artist who does just about everything - and does it well. Wait til you see her incredible carved gourd! Her husband Chuck has a men's music group that meets every year for an annual retreat - the group is named after ernest borgnine - just because it it! Last year he somehow got in touch with Ernie Borgnine and then Chuck flew out to meet him. This year, Mr. Borgnine came to the retreat! Angie said they all had a fabulous time!
ok. back to cleaning.

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