Saturday, May 19, 2007

flowers and a day at the beach

Mothers Day Flowers!
Thursday was Lance and I's 20th Wedding Anniversary. We chose to not go anywhere off island - heck, where can you go when you live in paradise? We spent the morning at the beach - it was a glorious, beautiful day - clear cobalt blue water.

Me and the Dog

Kealia Beach

We drive the truck right onto the beach. We have a special place to go to where the water is always calm.

A doll abandoned in the sand - I couldn't resist!


portuguese man o' war.....don"t step on them! outstretched hand....a giant log of driftwood

patterns in the sand...

another shot of the same sand, showing the river bank that leads to the ocean...
After the beach we came home and Lance barbecued steaks and king crab legs.

It was a wonderful day!