Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bob King, Incredible log sculpture artist...

Today I went into town to watch the Echo Saw Sculpture champion, Bob King, in action. Our local farm supply store, Kawamura's, was hosting a 2 day machinery exhibit, complete with free hotdogs and ice tea.... I spent 4 hours watching him - he was amazing and I was mesmerized! He had a small chain saw, and a larger one. He also used a small dremel and a larger power drill with carving bits he had adapted himself. He said he can usually do a carving in about 2 hours, but the wood he was carving in Hawaii was really hard, so it was taking him a bit longer. He makes no preliminary marks - he just looks at the log and starts sawing. The power saw scares me, but he was fearless - he used the saw with the dexterity and agility of a quick sketch artist - only he put in fine details. He said for around $500 ( and transportation) he'll come to your house and carve up a dead tree in your yard into whatever your heart desires! He still had all the details to add to the eagles, but i had errands to run before he finished. Go to the website highlighted above to see more of his work. FYI - he said he can barely draw stick figures!

On an unhappier note - i got my good drawing computer back from Toshiba. When we first bought it, the dvd drive wouldn't load some of my cd's. Since I was going to start a new job and needed the computer, I opted to not send it it. So last week I called up Toshiba, and decided to use the warranty and get it fixed. Toshiba sent me a box, and within a week the computer was back to me. The note from Toshiba said they had replaced the optical drive (good!) and REIMAGED
my computer. oh why oh why oh why had they done that? Toshiba could not offer me an explanation either. Only that sometimes they do, and they had told me to back up my files in case they did. Well, my DH had made an acronis reimage of my computer, so I thought I'd be ok. But it would not recognize my C drive. DH did manage to get sections of it, all of my pictures and documents - so I was thankful for that....but my work files were lost - and many of my software programs would not reload - aaaack! I have to call the software companies and beg for new install codes!