Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tracing my ancestors

Yesterday my DH and I watched a TV special about Mormons, and the show mentioned the fabulous ancestral archives that the Mormons have compiled. So today I went online to try and find the database, and i discovered that the database is not available directly online, but it is available thru other authorized genealogy websites. I then stumbled upon "". This site uses the LDS archives, military records, census records, birth/death/marriage records, etc, and gives you full access - for 3 days! Thereafter, it's $34.95 a month, or $154 a year! BUT-
it's information was AMAZING!
I traced one line of my husband Lance's family back to 1610. It was a blast looking at the actual US census pages for 1870, 1880, etc, thru 1930. It showed all the family members at that time how old they were and where they were born.....and then by pressing on one of their names, you got who they married and their family, etc. It was unbelievable info.
Tomorrow night I am going to print all of this stuff out - before my free subscription runs out!
If you get a chance, try it out - it's really phenomenal.

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