Sunday, May 27, 2007


I recently participated in an altered doll RR. My doll was a white blank tree. I expected the tree to be turned into a tree "person". You know, the participating artists would give it eyes, nose, mouth, hands, personality. The artists who worked on my doll were Michele Remy, Diane Gilligan, Vonda Sisson and Karen Campbell.

This is the plain doll that I sent. I called the doll "Arborvitae Magnificus". The name was eventually shortened to "Arborie".
But this is what I got! What surprised me was that each of the artists related to the tree ( and all trees, for that matter) very personally, and each choose to keep the tree a tree. The journal work was very moving and personal. I had no idea that trees, which are a very important part of my own life and my artwork, are so meaningful and inspiring to so many others. But then, I should have known. Did I think I had an exclusive on trees?

This is my finished doll! Look closely at all the detail - it is magnificent! See the dragonfly amidst the flowers?
This is a close-up. The tree has been hand painted and embroidered. Michele Remy added the wonderful tree hugger. many of us are tree huggers? Then Diane gave her glass jewels and rabbit peaking out. Vonda hung symbolic picture leaves from her branches, and Karen made her bloom! Every one's contribution was outstanding.....and the journal- oh my gosh!. Pages and pages of artwork - hand painted and illustrated! I am blown away by it. Thank you all so much! (... i wasn't sure who did what, so I guessed - I hope i got it right!)

This was the Journal cover and here is a sampling of the beautiful pages:

I am thrilled!


Joanne Huffman said...

Connie, how wonderful that your doll returned home! I know you've been waiting for her. She looks wonderful and the book looks incredibly cool. Is Lance enjoying his motorcycle?

Lorri Scott said...

I left a comment but it doesn't appear to have posted so I apologize in advance if two messages appear from me.

Just wanted to say you should be thrilled with this doll and book and the great artwork!!

Karen Campbell said...

Glad you liked your doll, Connie ... and I'll bet she's glad to be home :)

kathy mc said...

I love yout tree Connie. It is so cool what everyone has done to it. The journal is something really special. I bet it sits proudly in your studio. How lucky for you to have such an awesome creation.

Karen Owen said...

OMG, Connie, it's incredible. I'd almost forgotten about it. There were posts all the time, and then it sank into the black hole, came out the other side, and voila! It's fantastic!


artsyfran said...

This is magnificent. I love how you used an untraditional doll and how everyone was able to go with the flow! Beautiful!