Monday, May 07, 2007


Here are pictures of my gecko that I have been talking about so much. Like I said on an earlier post, I found him dead on my shop altar and decided he was a good luck charm and I just left him there. After many months he had gotten all skeletony - so I decided to cover him with precious metal clay and turn him into a permanent piece of fine silver. I had to give him so many coats of clay paste (so he would be thick enough after firing) that he lost a lot of detail. The pic's not the best - but you get the idea. I think in the future I'll give him some amethyst eyes....




joanne huffman said...

Connie, I think the gecko looks great. And, I love him on the tree with the lichen (or whatever it is).

Sabine Alienor from France said...

It's wonderful!!!! I love it!
Sabine Alienor

Eclipse said...

Beautiful! How many coats of paste/slip did you use?

Sue Lawrence-Nester said...

Just had to stop in and see the gecko for myself. Read a bout it on the Metal Clay Group. I knew I should have saved my son's "lizard that would never die".
What a tres cool piece.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
Sue in VA