Friday, March 15, 2013


BIRD AVENUE BAGS ...... that will be the name of my new etsy shop that is coming soon.  I've been talking about doing this for a long time, but I just had too much on my plate.  The shop will feature a  line of leather art purses...and other leather wearable my typical bohemian weird style....I hope to add bronze handcast elements to them eventually, but for now I'm just using vintage buttons.
....At last I finally finished two purses.  One I had started before, but I could not get my regular sewing machine to sew through all the layers.....
My DH bought me an industrial  machine for christmas year before last....but I hadn't had time to learn to use it.   This machine sews thru and over multiple layers of leather like butter - easy peasy.  The machine lets you set the speed so it doesn't go flying thru the leather ...and maybe your fingers.  I use it on "100" speed, which is like rotating the wheel by hand, but your hand is kept free!
I also had to figure out that when I rotate the leather i need to be sure the needle is still in the leather, but already on its way up...this way i got a square stitch as i turned, not a round one.  (i guess this doesn't translate very well in words).
The hardest part in making a leather purse is finishing it and putting it together IN THE CORRECT ORDER.    You have to figure out when to add the zippers, the pockets, the snaps etc.  so that you can turn the leather, topstitch, etc.  This purse
does not have a closure because i did not add it at the right time.  I could open up the lining at the bottom
and add it....but the purse is already SOLD as is, so I will leave it alone.  (The purse is actually symetrically round, but it looks a little wonky in the above photo).  This was the first purse I attempted to make on my own.....This is the other side.

vintage button embellishments...
It has a red and black lining and 2 pockets inside - one with a zipper and one with a magnetic snap.
This is my second attempt.  It is a tote from a purse pattern by DJ Pettitt.  It too has vintage buttons and handpainted details.

It has 2 pockets inside, long straps, and a snap closure.  I think it is 15 inches wide by 16 inches high. It's quite large...... It has darts on the bottom to give it a bit of shape.
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Joanne Huffman said...

What incredibly beautiful purses!

Fran S said...

These are FABULOUS!!!!! Best of luck to you! Miss you! xoxox

Kris said...

Been a while since I've visited your blog. Don't know what I really expected but your purses blew me away!
I mean I am so surprised at these beauties. Really, you are one talented lady. Love them all but LOVE the yellow purse the most.
Good luck!