Sunday, March 24, 2013's another one

Here's another purse I started ages ago, ripped out a million times, and finally finished.

this is a new one I am working on.  it is alligator print embossed leather.  The buttons were bone pendants that I  made into sew on buttons. It is a hobo bag....I am getting better at this! 
This is a way cool product I found at Sailrite.  It is a super sticky but thin double adhesive tape made for holding canvas together when you are repairing sails.  It works great on the leather which is impossible to pin, and is a lot easier than using leather contact cement.  I have tried other available double stick tapes, but this stuff really works great conforming around curves too and yet is easy peasy to lift up if you make a mistake or want to remove it.  also, my sewing machine needles do not get gummy when they sew over it.
 the next photo shows a strap just getting sticky tape applied and another strap that has already been folded over the sticky tape.
and lastly, this is what happened to last nights dinner.  the fairly new crockpot , on low for about 2 hours, exploded its glass lid into our dinner.  bummer.  i looked it up on line, and apparently this has happened a lot in the past.  still waiting to here what the manufacturer has to say about it.... we had to eat leftovers for dinner....
...and lastly a lovely flower from the front garden - just because.

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Joanne Huffman said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful purses in person. I love the flower; although most of the snow has melted, nothing is blooming around here yet. Glad you weren't hurt by your exploding crockpot.